Full marks for this superb question!! Well, just like the plum fruit, Plum Cards is a small, dark, sweet and juicy game that will leave you tempting for more.
Seems like you skipped reading through our spicy game rules under the "Instructions" tab. Well, no worries… Here are the rules to this sinful game once again exclusively for you.
Being an exclusive game of cards, Plum Cards is ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE. Take a quick peek into our online store to buy your pack of Plum Cards and become the Rock Star of every party.
Well as they say… The More The Merrier!! However, it is also true that Too Many Hands Can Spoil The Broth… So, it is absolutely for you to decide how many people you would like to invite for this game. (Minimum number of players 4 and Maximum 20)
We have our doors open for all those looking to share their most bizarre and waggish imaginations with the world. Feel free to Contact Us for making your witty, raunchy contributions to this bold and baffling game of cards.
Plum Cards has been created to help people break-free from the monotony of tech-savvy world and get together to have a lively time of fun and frolic. This is one major reason we have constrained ourselves from designing an app for Plum Cards.
Our team of brainstormers is busy creating a vicious, rowdy and spicier version of Plum Cards that will take you to the extremities of your fantasies. The game will only get jauntier and juicier from here on so keep your ears and eyes open for our next launch!!